Redpepper is an advertising agency that has branches in both Nashville and Atlanta. The goal of their company is to grow brands and they mainly do this interactively, but that is not all they are limited to. They really focus on making something new and different that their audience won’t expect. There are many different aspects to their company such as media planning and buying, motion graphics, graphic design, print-based advertising and much more.

I got in touch with Sarah Bina who is a production artist at Redpepper. She works in graphic design and said some of her main responsibilities are visualizing and laying out photos for ads. She mentioned that one of her favorite things about working there are the people because they push her to be more creative. Some of Redpepper’s main clients are Avett, Kirkland, and John Deer boots.

They have an internship program and offer spots available for design interns, copywriting interns, and account management interns. They really want their interns to get a feel for what it’s really like in the industry and want to teach them everything they can. All of the information to apply for internships is on their website



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