O2 Ideas

For my interview assignment, I talked to Jackie Woodall, senior account officer for O2 Ideas. O2 Ideas is an advertising and PR firm located just down the road from Samford on Lakeshore Drive.

I began by asking her what a typical day at work was like. Woodall responded with, “Well, there is actually NO typical day.” She explained that she is one of three other people who oversee their client services department and personnel. She elaborated by stating, “Any day could be me working a creative brief, doing timelines, estimates, talking things through with the clients, or making suggestions.” More specifically, Woodall oversees projects and campaigns with Toys-R-Us, Chik-fil-A, and Dunkin’ Donuts, which are all on a national level. She also said that a lot of the national clients, such as the one she works with, involve a lot of internal communications and employment branding. I was amazed to learn that some of these clients included Verizon and Honda.

When asked what someone needs to do to get her job, she simply replied with, “Internships.” She said, “Internships are absolutely key. They show experience. They make you stand out. They teach you valuable skills that will you bring to the table.” Woodall really stressed that internships are essential to land a career in the communications field these days. Not only did she explain what is gained from having one, but she also expressed how important it is to pursue multiple internships.

Woodall said that beginning salaries for this career range anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000. However, she said cannot accurately answer the question, because it really “depends on location.” She said that salaries range from place to place, and it really depends on how established the firm is. Woodall then encouraged me to do some outside research by simply searching for statistics on Google.

I then asked Woodall what she likes best and least about her job. She responded with, “I LOVE my clients. I love working with smart people, and I love working with people who appreciate your opinion.” She further stated that, “Advertising is not brain surgery. To me, a lot of it is common sense. To be able to sit and think of a common sense approach to something is really fun.” On the contrary, Woodall also explained that her job can be very stressful. She said that some clients might call and want something by an “unrealistic timeline.” “You have to remember when to fall on your sword with the client,” she advised. “It is what it is. . . But I love me job. It’s the only thing that I’ve ever wanted to do,” said Woodall.

To wrap up the interview, I asked Woodall what she recommended to prepare for a job in communication. “I would just say follow whatever the recommended core classes are for that major. And internships. I can’t stress the importance of internships enough. But internships that are relevant,” said Woodall. “Walk away from the internships with something for your portfolio. Something to be proud of,” she further stated. Woodall ended with these wise, true words, “Really decide what you want to do and focus on it. That’s the only way you will become good at it.”


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