For blogging assignment #3, I researched Fleishman-Hillard, one of the worlds largest and successful strategic communication firms. After a simple Google search, I was led to their website (http://fleishmanhillard.com/) and discovered how vast this firm spreads. Not only do they have an office in my hometown of Atlanta, GA, but they are located in more that 100 other countries across with world, serving more that 5,000 clients.

A “cold call” and various tranfers led me to speak with Jodie Williams, the Intern Coordinator. I learned more about what an intern does for their firm. Depending on the different titles of their internships, she told me that the interns do plenty of writing. Their tasks can range from writing press releases, writing social media, conducting secondary research, monitoring news covers, pitching to news media reporters, and many other tasks.

Their internships seem to be challenging and competitive. Yet, internships are located all around the world, and will provide a new experience to someone who is interesting in doing one abroad.   Internships can range from Human Resourcing, Accounting, Creative and Digital.


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