CBR Orlando Florida. Celebrating Times. Celebrating People

CBR Public Relations is located in Orlando Florida and has grown and represented clients from Fortune 100 corporations to local organizations that have remained with CBR for more than 15 years.

The agency has a great track record of successfully representing their clients and has maintained those clients for years.  Many awards have been given to CBR in the public relations industry, including awards from IABS, PRSA, FPRA and the local advertising federation.

When I called CBR, I was able to get in contact with a new intern working for the agency named Mark.  Mark was fairly new to his job and wanted to as helpful as he could because he understood that I am looking into the field of study.  Mark explained that throughout his day he works with Photoshop a lot.  He told me that Photoshop is a program that will always be helpful in this industry, and to learn as much as I can about Photoshop during my college years. Mark spoke about his work with social media as well.  As Mark encouraged me on writing skills, he told me that article editing is an important part of his daily assignments.  Mark explained that the world of PR and advertising directly deals with social media.  Now, more than ever, social media is an extremely important asset to his job.  After explaining some of the fun work he had been a part of, he gave me the reality of being an intern.  “I answer phone calls, and do any busy work that needs to be done,” Mark said.  He explained that during his time as an intern, he wants to do the best job he can in hopes for a job in the future.


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