STYLE is an agency founded in 1970 that focuses its work in advertising, marketing, and public relations. It is located right here in Birmingham. They assist business owners in developing a business plan, getting the name out to the general public, and then spreading the word! On February 15th I had the opportunity to talk with Audrey Pannell, director of Public Relations and Social Media.

Jenna: Audrey, can you tell me about your work on a day to day basis?

Audrey: Every day is different! I begin my day looking through the news. I have certain papers and periodicals that  I flip through mainly looking for articles that pertain to my clients. I am checking to see if my clients or their competition have anything written about them. Then I hop on my email…I send lots of emails. I am emailing often back and forth with clients and catching up with their status. I compile media and press releases for them, and then try to contact newspapers and media sources to get the client some publicity. I do everything from writing PR plans, research on companies, and social media.

Jenna: What is the highlight of your job?

Audrey: It is rewarding when the newspaper calls and says they want to get an interview with my client for an article they are doing. Then I get to call my client and tell them! They are typically so pleased, and that is when you are sealing the deal. Business is done!

Jenna: What can STYLE do for businesses?

Audrey: We are a full service agency. We have two grapic designers. We create print ads and websites. We work with firms to accomplish projects. We do PR, Marketing, and event planning. We work to plan Birmingham restaurant week. Also we will do product development and displays.

STYLE also provides internships. Information can be accessed here


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