Lori Merricks Speaks to PR Class

Lori Merricks, Account Director in Public Relations for Luckie & Co., came to visit a Principles of PR class at Samford University on February 10.  Merricks presented her thoughts and ideas of what PR really is and what her job entails.  She explained to the class that this industry is for “writers, researchers and lovers of communication and news;” and if you are not one of those then you do not belong in PR.

Main points that I took away from her presentation were:

1)    Public relations matters more than ever in today’s world because “what others say about you is more important than what you say about yourself.”

2)    PR is about making sure what you have to say is fresh and relevant.

3)    Google can be your best friend.  Because Google is the “world’s reputation management system,” it is used to measure your credibility and effectiveness.

4)    Everyone has a story.  It is our job, as a PR advisor, to know the story, prove it and have a focused call to action.

Merricks described the business of PR in a realistic light and gave us tips on how to realistically get a job in the field.


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