Take Aways from Lori Merricks of Luckie & Co

Lori Merricks of Luckie & Co spoke to our PR class this past Friday. Providing us with a general presentation of her profession as an Account Director at the advertising company (located in Birmingham), and the ways of her field of Public Relation,  the class took away much insight about the world of PR today.

Lori certainly made sure we were aware of certain skills someone interested in PR should have. Specifically, I took away that even math plays a toll in PR because measurement is often a factor.

Also, Lori provided us many resources on twitter to follow. Twitter names such as @PRjobs and @PRSAjobcenter can be great resources to follow in order to find more information on jobs. Also, @PRblog and @PRSarahEvans are great at providing a different, fun perspective to their tweets, with many stories pertaining to PR today.

As another take away, I learned that PR is about storytelling. You must know your story, prove it, and have a clear call to action. In order to do your job well, you must be an expert on your specific subject.

Finally, I learned that Google is the worlds reputation management system and tomorrow’s PR metric. You should be familiar with Google Analytics and Google Insights, which will be great resources in this profession.


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