Lori Merricks speaks to public relations class


On Friday, February 10, Lori Merricks spoke to Dr. Martin’s Principles of Public Relations class. Below are a few key takeaways from her presentation:

  • Public relations is a strategic function that uses research, analysis, and planning. It is based on genuine human connections and relationships. Good public relations is both a conversation starter and conversation prolonger.
  • Today, public relations matters more than ever because what others say about you is more important than what you say about yourself. For example, the recent issues with the Susan G. Komen Foundation were fueled by social media and the public’s opinion.
  • Public relations is about story telling. PR professionals must know their story, be able to prove it, and have a clear call to action.
  • Google is the world’s reputation management system. PR professionals should make use of effective search engine optimization (SEO). Google Analytics measures how people navigate content, and Google Insights can determine emerging key words on the internet.
  • The top seven skills of modern PR professionals are good writing, effective listening, focus, delivery, pitching, credibility and findability, and measurement.



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