Key Points from Luckie & Co.’s Lori Merricks

On Friday, Lori Merricks from Birmingham’s own Luckie & Co. came to share with us what PR looks like for her on a daily basis. She gave us all a realistic view of what her role in PR really entails.

1. PR is not: 100% controllable, department whose sole purpose is to write, edit & hawk press releases, not publicity, advertising, or for bad writers. It is about: results, hits & placements; strategic function that uses research, a conversation starter and prolonger, about genuine human connections, able to outline crisis communications.

2. PR is about media relations and also public relationships. PR is about igniting conversations in a positive way.

3. PR matters more than ever because what others say about you is more important that what you say about your self.

4. Listening is more about knowing what’s going on in the world via news, blogs, radio, etc.

5. It’s more important to focus on one thing because you clearly can’t cover everything.

6. If you can’t land a hit, you can’t work in PR.

7. PR is about telling a story: know it, prove it, and have a clear call to action.

Lori demolished a lot of perceptions I previously had on PR. I learned a lot from her and am extremely thankful for her honesty and transparency in sharing with us which shows her true passion for public relations.


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