Lori Merrick Visits Principles of PR Class

On Friday, February 10th, Lori Merrick visited Samford’s campus and spoke to the Principles of PR class about her experience in the field of public relations. There were a few key takeaways that I got from her visit.


1. Being easily accessible to the internet world is unbelievably valuable to PR practitioners today.search Engine Optimization is a major factor for every person involved in PR today.

2. PR has become a form of storytelling. It’s the story behind what you are trying to market. You have to know your story, prove it and have a clear call to action.

3. PR has always been about media relations and it still is, but it is also about public relationships. It has evolved into getting people to talk about you or your company.

4. PR is not an easy job. It is stressful, tiring and fatiguing. I still think that PR is a gratifying field to go into. Every job has its daily stressors, but PR allows you to interact with the public and mold the way people think about things. I think it would be worth all the stress that is involved.


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