Take-Aways from Lori Merricks’ PR Presentation

– PR is not 100% controllable, an avenue for event planners, the adversary of the media, publicity, advertising, for bad writers, the department whose sole purpose is to write, edit and hawk press releases.

– PR is about results, hits and placements, a strategic function that uses research, analysis and planning to develop smart campaigns, a conversation starter and prolonger, about genuine human connections, an expert in their client’s industry, able to outline crisis communications strategies and implement them, an industry for writers, researchers and lovers of communication and news.

– PR matters more than ever because what people say about you is more important than what you say about yourself.

– PR is still about media relations, but now it’s all about public relationships.

– It’s important to be up to date with news and read multiple sources each day.

– Writing skills are extremely important.

– Top Skills:

1. writing

2. effective listening

3. pitching

4. delivering

5. focus

6. credability

7. measurement

For more information about Lori Merricks and Luckie & Co, click here.


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