Chester Burger By Darryl Gregory and Jacob Kirschenbaum



burger often referred to as Chet Burger started the nation’s first communication management and consulting firm in 1964. The company’s name was Chester Burger & Co. The company was run for 24 years. During these years he had many clients such as American Bankers Company, Sears Roebuck, and the American Cancer Society. In 1941 he joined the Columbia Broadcasting System as a page boy and by the time he left in 1955 he was manager of CBS.

While working with CBS he served with the U.S. Army Air Force in World War II. The Army ordered him to experiment with newly developed television. In doing so he ended up producing the Army’s first broadcasts.  After returning from the war Chet became the nations first television News broadcaster in 1946 for CBS.

žChet served on the board of directors for several New York and national organizations including N.Y. Diabetes Association, Connecticut College, Medicare Rights Center, and White House Health Project Task Force. žHe was also a civil rights activist who served on several boards that promoted the interests of black businessman. He is a lifetime member of NAACP.

Mr. Burger’s theory is “public relations must be a senior management discipline and a part of the strategic planning process if an organization is to survive in the attitude intensive modern business environment.”


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