Take risks and be innovative.

Andrea Walker finished out our lineup of incredible speakers with a bang.  She was truly one of the most excited speakers to sacrifice their time to our class.  Walker built her career from the ground up.  From the very beginning she was persistent and willing to work hard.

From using her free time at the station to do math homework to being the producer, Walker has shaped her career from her ability to adapt.  “The main producer has control over everything, so I told myself that’s what I wanted to do,” said Walker.

NBC, CBS and FOX; Andrea Walker has been with all the big names in broadcast news.  While at FOX 6, Walker was asked to serve on the website production team.  This opportunity provided her first experience in web development.

It was in August 2008 that Walker felt the need to “take the next step.”  That is exactly what she did, becoming an entrepreneur.  Walker admits to always be learning trying to keep up with the many changes in technology.  “There is no shame in saying I don’t know what I’m doing,” Walker reminded.

“Whatever roll you are in, take something and build it from scratch.” –Walker

Thanks again to Andrea Walker for taking the time to speak to our class.

follow Andrea Walker on Twitter at @andreafwalker


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