On your own

Andrea Walker, media entrepreneur of W. Social Marketing, started college aspiring to be a journalist. One year later, NBC13 had an internship opening. Rather than sticking with print, Walker adapted to a new field—broadcast. Soon after, Walker landed a full time position with the local network. At 19-years-old, she balanced this workload. Learning how to edit and produce, Walker became an expert at her position, which led her to CBS42.

Running the 5’oclock show at CBS42 was an opportunity Walker could not pass up. Now, she had the final say on just about everything. One important piece of advice Walker shares is to never give up. The first time around, Walker did not receive a position for CBS42; however, she persisted and became the main producer months later.

Be innovative—an adjective that challenges Walker to stay fresh and creative. Because Walker stayed on top of her game, she continued to land new positions. FOX6 needed direction, and Walker was their solution. For three years, she worked as a team player. “Don’t alienate your co-workers or colleagues,” Walker says. “Work together, asking them how you can make their job easier.”

In 2008, Walker was introduced to new media, helping FOX6 with their website. She quickly fell in love with learning about technology and web development, which motivated her to start her own business. In 2009, Walker created W. Social Marketing, which helps companies implement an innovative approach that creates connections with customers.

Walker’s definition of being an entrepreneur is taking risks and being willing to be innovative. “You’re on your own,” Walker says.

Here are some final tips Walker gives to future PR professionals:

1. Always say thank you.

2. There is no shame is asking people for help.

3. Go to people who know more than you do.

4. Collaborate.

5. “What will people pay for?”

For more information on Andrea Walker, check out her website or follow her on Twitter–@andreafwalker

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