Luck be a Lady

Lori Merricks of the Luckie and Co. advertising company  is poised, polished, and pleasant.  With grace and gusto she gave a great explanation of the three different uses for the word ‘brand’ in an advertising company.  

1. Brand marketing is designed to deliver a company’s message, convey a company’s credibility, connect with a target audience, motivate buyers, and ensure user loyalty.

2. Brand alliance either pertains to co-branding- when two or more brands work together with one product, brand licensing- when brands align themselves by one supporting the other but don’t require each other, or cross-marketing-when two compatible brands simply market together.

3. Brand protection includes crisis management in case of disaster and internet reputation management.

To follow up with the third type of branding, Merricks shared this gem of a statement: “You are what you tweet.” She used this to demonstrate the fact that a person’s online presence has a definite affect on their business life. 

Merricks divulged the in’s and out’s of what it’s like to work in a Advertising and Marketing company.  To find out more about her business, visit the Luckie and Co. website.


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