Float Ducks Where Ducks Are

Director of External Affairs of the Brock School of Business, Kara Kennedy, spoke to JMC 492 about non-profit affairs. Kennedy who worked with the American Cancer Society and American Red Cross informed everyone how to get back to the basics.

  • Engage Customers. Stay true to your core mission. Make sure you “float ducks where ducks are.” We need to make sure we exam our mission thoroughly.
  • Be careful with Money. Whether it’s for advertising or events. Make sure you are careful with the public’s money. You have to raise money for advertising and salary.
  • Stay above 30,000 feet. Make sure you are always upfront, honest, smart and innovative.
  • Know laws of government. Every state, country and continent has its own laws, make sure you are up to date. For example, Japan Government only took x amount of relief money from other countries.
  • “What people perceive about you is what they will communicate about you.”

Kennedy touched on the usual of make sure you get to know the media. In her final remarks she gave us a website, www.charitynavigator.com , which is a place to look for non-profit organizations.


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