Andrea Walker has broken the age boundaries of the public relations world.  At the young age of 26 she has already held various prestigious and high-ranking broadcasting positions. She is a self-proclaimed entrepreneur and is the CEO of her self-made company, W. Social Marketing.  With such a young and successful start, Walker was a fountain of knowledge on how to kick-start a career. Three main tips outline her advice to young journalism majors.

1. Be heavy on the thank you’s.  Whether it is an employer, an employee, someone above or below you, show your appreciation for the help that they give you.  Politeness can completely change someone’s opinion of you. Your business reputation can be greatly improved if you leave people with a fuzzy feeling after they interact with you.  The more comfortable you make someone after an initial interaction the more likely they’ll want to ensure further relations.

2. Don’t settle for the traditional 9-5 experience. There are plenty of jobs that don’t require that kind of commitment, and if you truly desire a different line of work you will never be happy giving in to what seems the most traditional.  Don’t give up on your dreams. Walker set her sights on a creative role in business and that is exactly what she’s gotten as a result.

3. Be an entrepreneur, not a business-owner.  Don’t just own a business that follows the trend.  Owning a business isn’t the right career path for everyone, but for those who choose to undertake that responsibility it should be about more than copying the work someone else has already done. Innovation and creativity will set your business apart from others.

Coming from Andrea Walker these tips can be counted extremely valuable.  Walker paved her own way in the world, following her dream, owning an innovative business, and accomplishing these goals before she even broached the age 30.  What a great source of wisdom for budding public relations majors.


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