Young and in Charge

Andrea Walker, a UAB graduate,  is the CEO of W. Social Marketing, LLC, which she started in 2009 after having been a web designer and a producer at several news stations. A pretty good resume, no? Add this to the list. She’s just 26 years old.

Walker spoke to our PR class and offered several pieces of advice on how to ensure success young.

Ask for help if you need it. You’re never going to know how to do everything, especially when you’re first starting out.  People understand that.  Don’t be timid to ask for assistance. You’ll learn more and gain experience and perspective through another’s help.

Entrepreneurship is reached through Innovation, not by having a business. Being successful relies on hard work, determination, and standing out. Just because you do something well, does not mean that you will be the best and brightest.  Being good is no longer good enough. You have to set yourself apart, not only through hard work, but by being bold and giving the world a new perspective.

Say Thanks. Be grateful for help provided, regardless of the scale, and let the one helping know it. Appreciation is as simple as a few kind words or a thank-you note, and it can (and will) make all the difference.  Not to mention, people will be much more willing to provide assistance in the future!

So, thanks Andrea for speaking to our class! I’m taking your advice already.


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