The Twenty-Six Year Old CEO

Andrea Walker, graduate of UAB, spoke to our PR class with pride and ambition on a Friday afternoon.

Andrea is the founder and CEO of W. Social Marketing in Birmingham, Alabama. Throughout her talk it was evident that her passions are always intertwined in her occupation. Out of all of the speakers we have heard this semester I deem Andrea as the “Go-Getter”. Her resume speaks volumes of her work ethic and her drive as a very young Journalism practitioner. I was very impressed throughout our time spent with Andrea.

While humbly telling us of her young accomplishments she confidently urged us to want more of ourselves, and our creative abilities. Andrea seemed very passionate about creative thinking and trying to make something plain into something interesting, which I can absolutely relate to.

The most memorable thing she told us was do not be afraid to learn on the go. That is a very valuable piece of information in a world with changing technology. Alongside that helpful advice, do not be afraid to delegate tasks that you are not familiar with to other teammates who can know more about a certain area better.

My passions for after college are wide-ranging and I could see that in Andrea. Although she had an incredible young career in the news she was also passionate about marketing and networking.

5 tips to leave you with from Andrea:

1. Take something and build it from scratch. See your creativity come to life through trial and error.

2. Be an entrepreneur. Own your skills and passions and maybe that will lead to owning your own business.

3. Be broad in your passions while looking for jobs. You are not stuck in one job forever.

4. Read and keep up with useful blogs that pertain to your interests. You can learn a lot from fellow people who are interested in what you are interested in.

5. Have your own strategy in anything you do. Do not go in to something unprepared.


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