The Road to CEO

Andrea Walker’s list of impressive media experience was all racked up by the age of 26. At just 26 years old Andrea has managed to not only hold various high ranking-broadcasting positions, but she can now add entrepreneur and CEO to her list of accomplishments when she opened her business W. Social Marketing. She was in a newsroom at 19 and had a full time job at a major network before she was even out of college. How did she do that? This is what she shared.

1. If you don’t want the 9-5 desk job, then don’t settle for it. Andrea explained that she never saw herself in a traditional work environment,  instead she aimed to be creative for a living. She never gave up on that dream, and she made it her reality. It certainly wasn’t easy, she found jobs where there weren’t any and asked for internships where they weren’t even being offered. She had to be intentional and passionate to get to the place she had always dreamed of being.

2. Always thank everyone. That is such a simple piece of advice, that quite frankly, isn’t given enough. Sure Andrea talked about the importance of understanding new media, being a life long learner and all the other qualities you would typically associate with her career, but being thankful is one that is over looked. In her management positions she strived to thank everyone, no matter how small their job may seem, they still deserved thanks in her book. And now as an employer being thankful for her employees and simply thanking them for a job well done is something Andrea values.

3. Owning your own business doesn’t make you an entrepreneur, being innovative does. Woa. You certainly won’t find that in any text book. But it’s incredibly true. Being an entrepreneur is about forging your own path, doing things and thinking in ways that no one else does. It is what sets you a part from the pack; and the more  you can differentiate yourself in this business the better.


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