Lessons Learned.

Andrea Walker started W Social Marketing with a passion to do something greater in the field as an entrepreneur.  In February 2009, the new company was started by this driven woman.

Walker learned countless lessons, and as listeners to her self-proclaimed life lessons, she invested some time to tell us what she acquired along the pathway that led to her company.

The first thing she learned was to say “thank-you” to the staff.  People in this field work earnestly and hard , most times without gratitude.  She emphasized that encouragement will get a person a long way.  Along with gratitude she talked about having respect for the staff.  It is important to find a way to bring your ideas to the table without alienating the ideas of other staff members. Respect and gratitude.  That is what it takes to receive the most from your staff.

The next point that Walker made was to never be afraid to ask for help.  Sometimes pride gets in the way of our edification.  She emphasized that we should seize any opportunity to grow from other people.  It is important to embrace when other people know more than us.  We can acquire knowledge from them and then put it to practice in our job.

Lastly, Walker ignited the fact that media is always changing and always evolving.   Our generation will change the world with the media.  Our generation has grown up with the media and knows how to use technology to share stories. The basis of public relations is sharing stories through multiple technological outlets. Media will continue to grow, but it will be to our benefit.

To learn more about W Social Marketing click here.


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