Entrepreneurship: Innovation & Creativity

Andrea Walker, CEO of W Social Marketing LLC visted our JMC 492 class last Friday. Andrea Graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. While there she majored in communication. She got an early start in journalism as a 19 year old working at NBC13.

Here are a few things that I learned during the time spent with Andrea Walker:

  • Show potential employers that you are initiative, and volunteer you time to learning. Andrea did this at a very young age even though she was very busy as a full time college student working three jobs. However, she got a job in broadcasting at the age of 19 because of her extra efforts.
  • “You will get called out if something goes wrong with your show,” says Walker. She was referring to her experience as a producer at CBS. Because of this you have to get used to extra criticism and should always be working hard to improve every project you begin.
  • When you come in with fresh new ideas it can be difficult. Figure out how to bring your ideas to the table without alienating your colleagues. Engage in conversations with fellow employees. Always ask, “How can we make each other’s jobs easier?”
  • Always tell everyone thank you for their hard work. It can go a long way.
  • Millennials are almost defined by their innovation. People both applaud and fear our generation.
  • Risks make a person an Entrepreneur. It is about taking something from scratch, building it up and seeing your ideas and goals come to fruition.
  • You will meet a lot of people in this business.
  • Innovation is unavoidable in this work force.

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