Entrepreneur Advice

Andrea Walker has been the CEO of the company W. Social Marketing for two years. She majored in communications and minored in english. Andrea got her start in the news business at NBC 13 and worked there for two years.  An interest in new media motivated her to start her own company.

Tips for Young Entrepreneurs:

  •  When you are starting your own company, be sure to ask questions to get help with what you are doing. You learn better this way.
  • It is best to form a team with people who know more than you. This can be very beneficial.
  • Hard work and long hours will pay off in the end. The more hours you are willing to put in, the more successful you will become. In other words, do a lot of research. Andrea will get up at 5 in the morning just to do research.
  • Make sure not to think competitively when working with others. Think like a team. Working as a team can help further ideas that you may have, which in turn can benefit the company.
The field of social media is always changing and we need to adapt to changes.
Be sure to check out Andrea’s website by clicking here.

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