Kara Kennedy for the win!

Kara Kennedy, from the Brock School of Business at Samford University came and spoke to our PR class.

She talked about getting back to the center of what PR is all about (THE BASICS). The SWOT Analysis is a vital part of the basics. Along with keeping the basics in mind, Kara added that it is very important to be choosy about where to spend the little money you have on advertising. What you do with that money determines the depth and success of your whole campaign!

After the basics focus on your customers.

Are you in contact with your constituencies? Do they know anything about your campaign? If not, fill them in, tell your story while staying true to your core values and mission. Relationships in general are a vital part in connecting with people for a campaign.

THE 4 B’s

Be upfront

Be honest

Be smart

Be innovative

-The 4 Do questions and the what-

Do you have a marketing committee?

Do you have a media face?

Do you have a PR and marketing plan?

Do you have a crisis communications plan?

What is your relationship with the media?

Components of an effective communications plan from the eyes of Kara Kennedy—

Mission, Vision, Public Relations, Campaign Opportunities, Crisis Management, Events Marketing, Social Media, Advertising.

With every speaker we have had come speak to our PR class they have all centered their talks off of social media. Do not get me wrong, social media is changing the world (literally). BUT like Kara said, social media cannot be the only avenue for your campaign because not everyone has a social media presence therefore they will not be reached.

Thank you Kara for coming and pouring out your thoughts on PR and your expertise, it was much appreciated.


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