Building relationships in non profit PR

Kara Kennedy from Samford University’s Brock School of business came to speak to our public relations class last week. Kara is the Director of External Affairs for the Brock School of business. She had previously worked for the American Cancer Society and the American Red Cross. Kara discussed non-profit public relations with our class and focused on building  relationships in your marketing campaign.She discussed her elements of communication plan for non-profit public relations.

mission vision Know what your vision is and stick to it. Promote the mission everyday.

Public relations- Have to a good p.r plan and speak to the media on a daily basis. The media is not out to get you and they will treat you with courtesy.

Campaign opportunities- these are things like Relay for Life and walk for the Cure. These help to raise money for your campaign.

advertising- using various things like posters, signs , social media to get your message and your brand out there.

crisis communication- have a plan to be ready if there is a crisis you need to respond immediately.

Social media- is good for your company because it generates conversation about your company.

follow Kara on twitter:@KaraKennedy


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