Kara goes duck hunting

“Hunt ducks where ducks are,” said Kara Kennedy when speaking to our PR class at Samford University.

Kara is the Director of External Affairs for Samford’s Brock School of Business.

She explained to us how you can only find “ducks” where “ducks” are.  Meaning, you must know where your public is, who they are, and how to reach them effectively.  She has worked mostly in non-profit and still helps with several.

This is extremely true when discussing non-profit fundraising. There is no way to raise money from people who do not care.

Another phrase Kara used throughout her presentation was, “Tell your story and tell it everyday.” Repetition is important.  A public may not pay attention the first time, but might the second or third (or fourth).

If you are interested in non-profit PR, Kara is the one you need to talk to.

She has worked with the Red Cross and America Cancer Association.  As well as several others, such as, Reach Out and Read Alabama and Fultondale Arts Council.

Kara explained how promoting your organization is important, but by knowing your facts and “ducks” you can do so very effectively.

Some information that will be helpful in promoting through social media:

  • 75.6% of businesses use Twitter
  • 78% of businesses use Facebook
  • 69.5% will increase their use of social media
  • Try to use as close to 80 characters as possible because more people will look at it
  • After business hours is the best time to post

Thank you Kara for your helpful hints!


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