Hunting in the world of PR

Last Friday our class enjoyed hearing guest speaker Kara Kennedy. Mrs. Kennedy is the director of external affairs for the Brock School of Business at Samford University. This class period brought a new spin on the PR world because she works for a non-profit organization. Oddly enough many of the concepts are the same for both types of organizations.

The Basics

-get back to the basics.

– Be choosy about where to spend the little advertising dollars you   may have.

Engage Customers

– Have you reconnected with your constituency?

-It’s all about your relationships.

-“Hunt ducks where ducks live.”

-Stay true to your core mission. Tell your story to your constituents.


Stay above 30,000 feet

-Be upfront.

-Be honest.

-Be smart

-Be innovative

For non-profit organizations you almost always are working on a strict budget and it is important to stick to the essentials of PR even when you don’t have much money. Some things are always necessary.

Do you have  a marketing committee?

Do you have a media face?

Do you have a PR and marketing plan?

Do you have a crisis communications plan?

What is your relationship with the media?

As we can see once again, PR is all about relationships. Another wonderful speaker. Thank you Mrs. Kennedy



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