Checklist to Marketing Excellence

Kara Kennedy, the director of external affairs for the Brock School of Business at Samford University spoke about the ins and outs of working for a non-profit agency on Friday. Kennedy left a fail-proof marketing strategy checklist for future PR and marketing specialists to follow.


-Are you frugal? Get your marketing strategy back to the basics. Only fund the areas of the strategy necessary to further your plan or product.

-Are you honest?  Uphold your honor. Be upfront and open at all times so you maintain trustworthiness.

-Are you proactive? Think of all possibilities before they happen. Strategize with a plan for lots of possibilities so you are always prepared for any outcome.

-Are you popular? Make friends with the media.  They provide a large part of your public opinion so make sure you’re on their good side and will present you to the public well.

-Are you engaging? Keep your audience captive so they will keep coming back to listen and participate with you.

Kennedy closed with the statement you can never hear enough in today’s world, keep up with social media. If you’d like to learn more about Kara or view her own personal social media world follow the link provided here.

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