“Hunt Ducks Where Ducks Are.”

Kara Kennedy is the director of external affairs for Samford University’s Brock School of Business.  Our class had the honor of listening to her speak about working for non-profit organizations. The opening of her lecture, “building relationships is your marketing campaign,” intrigued us by leaving the thought of important  relationships in the back of our heads.

Kara told us to get back to the basics.  It is important to be choosy about where ad money is spent in a non-profit organization.  Be smart about where money is being spent, and make sure to not spend what you don’t have.

She furthered her lecture by telling us to engage customers. It is important to stay in tune with the mission that the organization has built itself on.  It can be easy to get lost in trying to be something that the organization is not, but that may disengage customers. Customers desire a company to stay in touch with what they say they are.

Kara then emphasized that the organization needs to stay above 30,000 feet. It is key to be honest, upfront, smart, innovative and factual to keep the organization going. Without upholding these characteristics it can become easy for an organization to fall under where they need to be.

She then gave us advice from Terry Brock who made it known to focus on what will yield the most benefits.  Terry elaborated by saying to reach to other peoples’ needs, plan for lots of variables and become excellent at what you do.  It is important to see the need of people and go after it whole-heartedly with a plan in mind.

Kara then gave interesting thoughts about the media.  Most people may think that the media is out to get you, but she reassured us that they usually are not.  It goes back to relationships. It is important to form relationships with the media so that they will keep your organization in the know. Along with this relationship, it is important to have a crisis communication plan in case of an urgent problem within the media.

Like every other public relations speaker, the lecture would not be complete without talking about social media. This entails all the various forms of communication from the old fashion email to Facebook.  It is important to integrate all forms of social media, because it helps build relationships by engaging your customers about your brand.

It is important to engage your customer by sticking to the mission that your non-profit organization found itself on. We are so thankful that Kara Kennedy came to enlighten us on working in this field. To learn more about her click here.


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