Get Back to Basics

On Friday April 8th, My public relations class was fortunate enough to have guest speaker Kara Kennedy, director of external affairs in the Brock school of Business at Samford University. She came to talk to us about what it was like working for a non-profit organization and gave us some good marketing strategies to remember.

The Basics:

  • Get back to basics

use the SWOT Analysis

Be choosy about where to stand the little advertising dollars you may have.

  • Engage customers

Have you reconnected with your constituency?

Remember it’s all about your relationships

A good saying to remember when marketing for non-profit is “Hunt ducks where ducks are” this means you should not try to get ahead of yourself, but to stay true to your core mission. Tell your story to your constituents.

Stay above 3,000 feet:

Be upfront

Be honest

Be smart

Be innovative

Another thing to look at is the elements of a communications plan:



Public Relations

Campaign Opportunities


Crisis Communications

Events Marketing

Social Media

What is social media and how does it help build relationships? Social media is an internet based relationship and can include one of the following:

Blogs                            Twitter

Websites                     LinkedIn

Facebook                    Youtube

Google Alerts            mobile apps


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