Content Touches Heart & Mind

Last week, Stacey Hood, Marketing Director for construction company Stuart Perry, came to our JMC 492 class for a most definitely memorable presentation. Stacey gave in my opinion, one of the best presentations this semester. He’s enthusiasm and charismatic attitude gave a lot of optimistic and insightful advice for our class.


  • Content is important. Always give people a reason to come back for more.
  • Work on Writing & Never Stop.  You see more opportunities when you keep your eyes and ears open.
  • Learn as you go. Continue to learn whatever social media is available at the time whether it’s tweeting or reading blogs.
  • Always Engage. This follows up with there is never a stupid question.
  • Look at public relations as an upside down funnel. It allows you to have a broad source of information.

Besides these helpful hints, Hood also reached out to students on a more personal basis. After asking where everyone was from, Hood gave each student contacts from their hometown to follow on twitter. This was an excellent opportunity to jump-start the students to get engaged, especially via social media.


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