Learning to Think Outside the Box

On Friday March 25, Stacey Hood came to talk the Samford’s public relations class about marketing and the importance of keeping an open mind. Stacey Hood is the marketing director at Stewart Parry Construction company. While he was visiting he gave the class some interesting advice when it comes to marketing.

Some things to remember when marketing to people:

1. Content is very important, it’s important to get the message across correctly and to give your targeted audience a reason to come back.

2. It’s also important to work on your writing skills. Writing is something you’ll have to do a lot of in social media, so it’s good to use proper grammar and to improve on your writing.

3. Everything is an opportunity, remember to keep your eyes and ears open at all times. A good technique to use is “thinking out loud” that way you can get feedback and throw ideas around with people from different places and gain a different perspective.

4. Think BIG, always keep learning and developing your ideas and creativity.

5. It’s good to know the foundations or “rules” of the box, that way you can think outside them and be more creative.

Stacey’s website is here http://staceyhood.com/ You can get to his LinkedIn profile via his website.


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