Touch their Mind

We heard from another type of business again today, Stewart Perry. It is a construction company. Born in Texas, Stacey Hood graduated from UAB and majored in a tough marketing program. He went from being a soccer coach at Samford to starting a company. His family is originally from northern Ireland and are big storytellers and musicians.

Stacey Hood says there are no position titles in Stewart Perry, but if there were, he would be the marketing director. He did not have a background in construction so he had to learn from experience.

Engaging Users

Give them a reason to come back (stories, social media, etc.)

Touch their mind


  • Work on your writing and continuously use it
  • Tell your unique story
  • Look for opportunities
  • Follow the basics and think creatively
  • Keep your mind open

Social media goes beyond the simple updates and tweets to customers. You need to go beyond that with engagement. According to Proactive Report your customers are getting smarter and more social media savvy. They have many different devices to connect to as well. Enjoy the socializing. ROI (return on investment) is what matters the most in whatever social media tactic you implement. Just remember that your customers are going to be waiting on responses from your company.

“It’s nice to see people are believing in what your are doing.”

It is common for PR professionals to work at an agency two to three years and then move on elsewhere. Currently, there are 52 PR/Advertising agencies here in Birmingham.

To learn more about Stewart Perry click here


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