Memorable advice

Stacey Hood gave simple, but noteworthy advice to those hoping to break into the PR and advertising world…and it all boiled down to being memorable. Stacey’s own story was pretty memorable. For a while he played soccer in Northern Ireland, where his family is from. But making the jump into PR was a natural move for Stacey, after all, he explained, he came from a family of great, expressive, storytellers. And that’s where his advice came in: breaking into PR and staying in PR requires the mind of a good communicator and the heart of a lively storyteller.


Today Stacey is Director of Marketing for the eco-friendly construction company Stewart Perry. And their company blogs are the perfect example of a new and memorable approach to reaching their audience, one for example being Raising Grundy. Throughout his career in the PR world, at various capacities and at various companies, Stacey has acquired some memorable tips we were lucky enough hear.




1. Content it vital. Never forget that the info you are communicating, in any form, needs to touch the hearts and minds of viewers. If you can manage to do that they will remember you and will come back.


2. Never stop writing. Never stop learning. Never stop thinking. If you ever stop doing any of these things someone else will, some other PR team will, some other company will, and then you aren’t so memorable any more. Learning just can’t finish with your degree.


3. Bring your own influences. Everyone is bringing their own backgrounds, their own perspectives, their own influences to the table. Good teams have diversity in members and therefore well-roundedness in their campaigns and messages. Your influences are unlike anyone else’s, using them will make you unique and implementing them into your work will make you memorable.


4. Use your tools. Google is your friend, ‘cause sometimes you gotta learn as you go! Read blogs—there is a wealth of information on them! Use twitter it’s the #1 search engine right now! Knowing how to use these tools, and knowing how to reach your audience through these tools will make followers remember you. *(side note, I think this is the part where I got called out for not being a “believer.” A twitter believer that is. Kinda cracked me up but also kinda got me thinkin’… so thanks Stacey!)


5. Go big or go home. Okay so maybe Stacey didn’t quite phrase it like that, but in an effort to encourage us to go “outside the box” without using the over used phrase “outside the box” Stacey challenged to think differently. Sure we have to know the rules to break them, as Dr. Martin chimed in, but once you have that working understanding of PR take it somewhere else. Take an idea somewhere where no one else would take it, think to take it, or dare to take it … memorable. big time.

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