Make the Most of your Opportunities

Stacey Hood came and talked to our class last week. Stacey i she marketing director at Stewart Perry Construction Company here in Birmingham. Stacey is a very interesting guy who has an interesting background. After getting a degree in PR from UAB, stacey went and played soccer in Northern Ireland. Stacey then started a company called Stacey also worked for a company in Atlanta where he fixed and repaired mustangs. Stacey is in charge of writing contracts and maintining stewart perry’s company website. Stacey gave us some great advice about getting jobs in public relations.

1. Work on writing and never stop. You to always write and constantly get better at it everyday if you want to work in pr. You can do that by blogging, writing practice press releases, or even writing articles for a newspaper.

2. Think outside the box. Everything is in opportunity . Keep your eyes and ears open all the time. Always think that google is your friend.

3. Don’t get locked into something. Learn the box and think outside of it. Come up with new ways to do things. Be different.

4. Always be reading and researching- read blogs,twitter, magazines and other things to keep yourself informed of trends in pr. They may also inform you about new things that are being done in pr.

5. Get Twitter and use it. Twitter has become the #1 search engine in the world. Use it to connect with people in the public relations world. Engage and have discussions with people on twitter it may help you land a job someday.

Here is a link to Stacey’s website


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