Be engaging.

Stacey Hood, the unofficial director of marketing for Stewart Perry, calls himself sarcastic. Hood has 2,152 followers on Twitter. Who knew sarcasm and popularity went hand in hand? In other words, Hood has great advice on how to use social media tools, such as Twitter, for networking.

Stacey Hood (left) and Chris Brogan, president of Human Business Works.
  • First and foremost, GET ON TWITTER. Create a username and use it to your advantage. Where else can you meet and greet with PR professionals at the touch of your fingertips? . . . literally.
  • Look for opportunities, even on Twitter. For example, InternQueen, also known as Lauren Berger, tweets available internships daily, as well as great tips to nail the job of your dreams.
  • Stay updated. Hood recommends blogs. By choosing a few blogs to follow, you are learning from another perspective. Sometimes, this can even keep you informed on current events.
  • Additionally, practice. Coming from a soccer coach, Hood says if you don’t use it, you will lose it. When it comes to writing, you can’t do it enough.
  • “There is never a stupid question. You’re stupid for not asking it.”

Follow Hood on Twitter—@StaceyHood or check out his blog. Also, more information can be found on Stewart Perry here.

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