Variety on the Job

Stacey Hood, marketing director of Stewart Perry visited our JMC 492 class. Hood is a fun loving guy who is helping make the Stewart Perry company a huge success. Hood learned many of his skills on the job, skills such as: SEO, content development, social media strategies, public relations and business consulting. While at Samford, Stacey Hood shared some advice with the class. Here are a few things that stuck out.

  • Content development is crucial! You have to give users/visitors a reason to come back. Leave a message that touches both the mind and heart.
  • “The more you write, the more you will see opportunities.” Keep eyes and ears open because everything is an opportunity.
  • Our influence is an opportunity because we have gained influence and variety from our backgrounds. Use individuality to get our ideals out there.
  • Google is a friend.
  • Gain certain skills now: Read blogs, Twitter and solid grammar.
  • “There is never a stupid question. You’re stupid for not asking a question.” (Learn on the job.)
  • Engagement with everyone is very important: blogs, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Variety is good. Try putting it into practice.

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