Think Green with Stewart Perry

We have all heard the “go green” ads to recycle, plant a tree, use reusable bags and more. Stacey Hood of Stewart Perry explained to us how they incorporate the go green motto into their construction company.

Stewart Perry has built well-known  developments around Birmingham and around the country.  The Grove in Hoover, Tiger Town in Auburn, Hearts of America in Atlanta, and Whale’s Tail in Destin are all examples of Stewart Perry’s amazing work.

Hood explained how at Stewart Perry, teamwork is key.  He first said he did not even have a title, but then said he is the marketing director.  “Titles take away from team work,” said Hood.

Stacey Hood is a graduate of the UAB public relations department and is the only one he graduated with still working in the field.

Hood’s main advice before (and some after) entering PR:

  • Writing (you guessed it).  Nothing new here, write as much as possible.  Content is extremely important.  He told us to never quit working on our writing.
  • Blog. Blog. Blog.
  • Engage online. Make time, it’s a necessity.
  • Take everything as an opportunity. The more you have, the more chances you have of succeeding.
  • Think out loud! Think outside the box.  First you must know what the box is and where the boundaries are, remember.  Hood said, “Don’t get locked in.”
  • Get the business card of everyone you meet.  This is something Stewart Perry has done in order to create their personal list of E-newsletter recipients.
  • Touch hearts and minds.  The emotional pill is very effective.  “If it bleeds, it reads.”
  • Don’t be afraid to work for a company if you aren’t an expert at the field.  Hood never nothing about construction before he began at Stewart Perry. Learn on the job.
  • Know what works – Find out your ROI (Return on Investment)
  • “Keep a smile,” Hood said was extremely important.

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