Build Green!

Stacey Hood came and spoke with us last week about his job, utilizing interactive marketing at “Green Building.”

Green Building is a local building firm in Birmingham, Alabama.  Its focus is maintaining sustainable building practices among their work.

Another word for Hood’s job as an interactive marketer, is a social media marketing expert!  He has to keep up with the need for the company having their own Twitter, Facebook page, and Blog.

Hood started out studying public relations at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and was the only one in his class to graduate in the with a marketing degree.

Another fun fact he added in, to further explain his love for story telling and writing, was his Northern Irish decent.  A natural-born story-teller to say the least.

Along with his love for writing, he shared how important it is to obtain skills in writing in order for more opportunities to arise for a job seeker in this job field (journalism, P.R., Marketing, etc.).

He emphasized the importance of content (!!!).  He used a quote from his boss, stating that we have to give the public a reason to come back, using writing that “Touches the heart & the Mind.”

Hood repetitively stated that “Everything’s an Opportunity,” and to “Think Big!”

Much of his learning has come from blogging and from Twitter.  He shared with us the important of getting yourself known, and learning how to truly work Twitter for the betterment of a future career in journalism and for networking.

After wrapping up his presentation and opening up the floor to questions one student asked, “Why is it that people in your job field move around a lot to different businesses?”  Hood had a good and honest response, that you move to make money and move up in position.  He has been at his job for about four months, and knew nothing about the building field when he started.

Hood was a treat to have spoken with us, and was quite the encourager to dream big and keep moving forward to what I love to do!

Stacey Hood’s Blog.

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