Don’t Get Your Mind Locked.

Stacey Hood calls himself the marketing director for a team that has no job titles. The team at Stewart Perry, an environmentally friendly construction company, is said to contribute equally.  The company sets the goal to show people that they can build smart.  We had the honor of having this green company member further inform our class about public relations.

Stacey Hood started by reminding the class how important content development is.  It is important to give a reason for the client to have to come back.  This can easily be accomplished by giving them something that touches their heart and their mind.

He then explained how everything is an opportunity.  We need to keep our eyes and ears open for ways that can open a door.  There are always new and fresh ideas out in the world, but we have to be aware to realize them.

Stacey went on to tell the class that Google is our friend.  It is important for us to keep our minds open and not locked in on one idea.  We can use search engines, like Google, to research new ideas or to find new ideas that are already out in the world.

Engagement was the next topic of discussion.  It is important to interact with social media.  Twitter, Facebook, and blogging can create new connections that will further your client list.  Right now, engaging in social media will help us as students to make connections for internships and jobs.

Stacy Hood left us with the fact that it is important to know the basics.  We can learn as we go and carry with us information from every encounter.  Without the fundamentals we probably will not make it very far.

To learn more about Stewart Perry visit their website.




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