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Stacey Hood, relaxed and cool, came and spoke to our PR class on Friday. As he sat down he unveiled what he has been a part of since his professional start in the world of work. Hood received a Public Relations degree at UAB. The Irish in this blog title is referring to his strong Irish ties in his family.

Presently Hood works for the company Stewart Perry. He does not have an official title but if he needed to give one it would be Director of Marketing.

A few of the major points that I took from  his talk are:

1. Content Development- By constantly developing your brand and website you are bringing readers to your site. Reader’s like to know what your company is all about, and what they stand for. GIVE THEM A REASON TO COME BACK. Updated website= more awareness of your company.

2. Always sharpen your craft- Use every opportunity you have to work on your writing. Even if it is just two or three articles a week, it helps. Practice makes perfect (or just really good in the sense of writing).

3. Keep your options open- PR has many different avenues of work. Keep your options open, it just may broaden your knowledge of PR as a whole. With keeping your options open you must also be willing to learn on the job.

4. Read blogs, follow people in the field you are interested in on Twitter- By reading blogs you can learn more about what you are interested in and learn from your fellow PR-er’s. Hood has made contacts with people just by meeting them on Twitter.

5. Networking- It never hurts to reach out and meet new people, even if they are not associated to your interests. Making contacts from all over can increase your chances of moving up the PR ladder.

Hood was an interesting man that brought a relaxed but serious, truthful spin to PR and marketing. I enjoyed his sarcastic remarks to students and how he literally knows someone in every major city.


Check out Stewart Perry’s website to learn more about their innovative way of building!



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