Recruiting through MBO

9 Basic MBO Steps for JMC Department at Samford:


1. Client/ Employer Objectives:

Discuss what makes Samford JMC department stand out not just on campus but in the country.


2. Audience/Publics:

Students interested in public relations as well as websites and books that rank Journalism/Mass Comm. Schools in the country


3. Audience Objectives:

The audience wants to know what sets Samford a part and what can this department offer them in terms of education. The message can be tailored to the audience’s interest by the strengths in the tract in JMC the student would like to pursue.


4. Media Channels:

You can reach the audience through brochures or a JMC newsletter.  You can also find information on the JMC page on the Samford website.


5. Media Chanel Objectives:

A gatekeeper will be looking for what sets Samford and their credibility apart from other institutions. A publication may be interested in the information so they can use it in their products. Ex: A Princeton Review book may use the information to talk up the program in its College/University reviews.


6.  Sources and Questions:

You would use secondary research to find notable articles or mentions of the JMC department. You could also get a quote from the head of the department.


7. Communication Strategies:

Target prospective students by facts of the JMC department whether its notability on campus or the amount of student’s that are pursuing a JMC major. You can also note on the wide variety of internship opportunities that gives students hope of after college life.


8. Essence of Message

This message is simply to inform prospective students but can as well be used to gain attention and change attitudes of other JMC establishments in the country of Samford’s capability.


9. Nonverbal Support:

It can clarify a written message simply because the reader can understand and see what the words are saying. You can see and hear the passion for the department through a video.


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