It’s a Woman’s World

In a world where 97% of Creative Directors are men, Holland & Holland is beating the odds. Brittiny Bookout, an Account Services Director, spoke to our JMC 492 class two weeks ago about the underestimated prominent roles women play in the market.

Holland & Holland works with high-end residential real estate with areas like Liberty Park and Greystone. Their aim is to market towards women with their trademark, “she-conomy.”  Being a man with a sensitive side, I could easily understand the importance of a women’s influence in the market. In her presentation she provided the following points:

85% of all brand purchases are made by women.

  1. It starts with a kick off, or an idea that the woman comes up with.
  2. The woman then does research on the topic.
  3. She then goes to the man for purchase.
  4. The woman then has ownership of the idea.
  5. Now at last word of mouth spreads to all of the woman’s friends to get the product recognized.

Traditional Demographics are Dead.

  • Look at life stages and not ages.
  • Not all women should be targeted as moms.

Know Trends

  • Women stay with brands that meet needs & expectations
  • 3 out of 4 women buy something that supports a cause.
  • 3 out of 10 women buy a product that meets their values

Know Mistakes

  • If you recognize your mistake, your trust and brand loyalty goes up.

Corporation or Agency:

  • Start with an agency. If you start with a corporate surrounding, it will be hard to transition to an agency because of the differences in the work place and mind set.

Even though I am no woman, this material can become very helpful. In the future wherever I may be I can use these tips to better know and understand all demographics.

Visit the website.

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