What Women Want

Brittiny Bookout of Holland + Holland Advertising spoke to our class two weeks ago about PR aimed at women. Bookout, an Account Services Supervisor, says women are the market, so companies should market to them.

There are several things to remember when marketing to women, Bookout says.

Women are different from men. Though this statement seems a little too obvious, it is easy to forget that men and women don’t always think alike. Take shopping, for example. Men are hunters. They need a white t-shirt, so they walk into a store, buy the shirt, and leave. Women are gatherers. They need a white t-shirt, so they walk into a store, try on two or three different white shirts, decide on one or both, grab a skirt and necklace they saw on the way to the register, buy everything and leave.

Traditional demographics are dead. Gone are the days of grouping women in to age, race, and income brackets. Marketers must look at life stages instead. They must remember that not all women are moms and that women whose kids are grown up have the most money to spend.

Women are loyal. When women find a brand they like, it becomes a part of their family. They are very unlikely to switch brands. When they refer a brand, they mean it.

Women are relational. Customer service is the new sales. Companies with good customer service win big points with women. Women like to feel like they are heard, so companies must give them an opportunity to provide feedback and then respond to that feedback.

Authenticity and transparency are key. Don’t be afraid to admit when your company makes a mistake. Women want honesty from a company. If you fix the problem, women will remember that you fixed a problem rather than that there was a problem to begin with.



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