Our latest guest to JMC492PR was Brittiny Bookout of Holland + Holland Advertising.

Brittiny presented a new technique of advertising where her firm’s focus is marketing to women.

She differentiated men from women.

  • men buy, women shop
  • men are hunters, women are gathers
  • men use the internet to transact, women use it to connect

Brittiny also discredited standard demographics. “We must look at their life stages, not ages. Not all women are moms.”

Advertising is changing, because the way we are using media is changing.

39% less reading the newspapers

36% less reading magazines

31% less listening to radio

30% less watching tv

social media is a tool for the present, as well as the future.

Some of Brittiny’s best advise was “Tell the truth and tell it quickly.  For a company, being a community and sharing creates a higher level of trust in a brand.”

As PR professionals we need to start using the internet to foster relationships.

Brittiny said, “Technology is changing, social media has transformed advertisers can no longer develop a message and PUSH it on consumers.”

This reminds me of something my Dad used to tell me, media is becoming a pull service, not a push.  Nothing could be more true.  We don’t listen to radio because that is a “push” service.  Instead, we pull music from iTunes and put it on our iPhone and take it with us everywhere.  Push media is dead.  Pull is the future.


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