Men Buy. Women Shop.

Ninety-seven percent of creative directors in PR are men. However, Stephanie Holland of Holland + Holland Advertising is a creative director. This one detail brought a new angle to Holland’s PR agency.

Account Services Supervisor Brittiny Bookout of Holland + Holland Advertising shed light on the benefits of marketing to women. Her boss, Holland, stands out as a female creative director, which makes their agency unique. Because of this factor, the company was able to design a guy’s guide to marketing to women—“She-conomy.”

What exactly is She-conomy? Why is this a good pitch?

  • Women make 85 percent of all brand purchases. Women are the market, and they are often ignored.
  • Who talks? Who gossips? Women. Through word-of-mouth, PR companies can gain clients and support, and we have women to thank for that.
  • Women notice details, and place heavy importance on relationships. 80 percent of women will not do business with a company if their values are different.
  • Social media has transformed the advertising industry. Men use the Internet to transact, and women use it to connect. Therefore, women are using these new social medias, which makes them more likely to stumble upon PR campaigns. Women rule the Internet.
  • Traditional demographics are dead. She-conomy looks at life stages, not ages. Knowing the target audience of women is crucial.

She-conomy gives Holland + Holland advertising an edge. As you can see, women are the market, and 91 percent of women feel that advertisers don’t understand them. Yes, men are the buyers, but women shop. Men “swipe” the credit card, but women tell them what to purchase. Maybe the PR world should follow in Holland + Holland’s footsteps.

For more information on Holland’s She-conomy, check out her website.


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