Women Gather and Men Hunt

Today we had the opportunity to hear a different marketing strategy. Brittiny Bookout from Holland + Holland Advertising talked to us about the marketing to women “she-conomy” approach. Brittiny is the account services supervisor there.  She started out in corporate PR where she worked with clients such as Travelocity and Saber.

Brittiny told us that 97% of creative directors are men. At Holland +  Holland Advertising,  Stephanie Holland is the creative director. She is behind the “she-conomy” idea.

Women are the market and control 4 of the 5 stages in the Purchase Process Cycle

  1. Kick-off  (Idea that a woman has)
  2. Research (Mainly on the internet)
  3. Purchase (Talk to man about decision)
  4. Ownership (The woman buys)
  5. Word-of-mouth (Women tell others about their experience)

“It’s all about how you tell your story.  When it’s interesting and creative others will  spread the story and talk about it,” according to the Proactive Report. Women notice when something is marketed to them and will tell their friends about it. A business that understands this concept will be successful.

How to Market to Women:

Know Her

  • Look at the life stages and not the age
  • Not all women are moms
  • The wealthiest women are the ones least marketed to by advertisers

Understand Her

  • Women notice details
  • Place heavy importance on relationships
  • Reluctant to give referrals
  • Will recommend brands that support a cause

Reach Her

  • Customer Service is a must!
  • Word-of-mouth
  • Use 2-way conversations (especially on the internet)
  • Authenticity and transparency are key

Check out this video on she-conomy

“If you admit your mistakes to women, your brand loyalty increases.”

Brittiny taught us how to use effective social networking as well. Social media has transformed the advertising industry. It allows you to connect with women at EVERY stage of the cycle.

Be sure to check out sites for Holland + Holland Advertising and She-conomy to find out more.


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