Women are the market.

She-conomy Style–A guys guide to marketing to women.

Our guest speaker who came the week before Spring Break madness was Brittiny Bookout, the Account Services Supervisor  for She-conomy (a local marketing agency).

Bookout, an Alumni from Auburn, majored in corporate journalism, which is a fancy term for public relations. After graduating she moved to Birmingham to get her masters in writing.   She has worked in P.R. firms and in Ad Agencies, so she has had much experience to help her get to where she is today.

After joining the She-conomy team four and a half years ago, she learned of the importance of women and their purchases.  85% of all brand purchases are made by women.  Women are not a niche; women are the market.  What sets the company apart is the necessity that they are a part of the 3% of companies with a female creative director, setting them a part and giving them an advantage.

She instilled the fact that men buy, and women shop with a common cliché “men are hunters; women are gatherers.”  By giving us the five phases that a purchase goes through, which includes a kick-off, research, purchase, ownership, and word of mouth–women control four out of the five phases, hence the importance of trying to reel women in.

Traditional demographics are dead according to Bookout.  Now marketers have to look at the life stages of a women and not solely their age.  “Prime Time” women are the ideal women to focus on because they are the wealthiest and the least respected.

Women’s focus on detail and need for relationships is something that marketers have to truly focus on when planning ideas out.  Three fourths of women will recommend a brand if it supports a cause, and they will also stay with a brand when it meets a need of theirs.

Internet is another crucial step in being as effective as possible. The use of social media within the internet has completely transformed advertising. More and more people are spending time on internet, which means business have to be internet friendly and utilize social media.  Instead of focusing on a monologue, the internet allows a dialogue to take place  between customers and businesses with sites like Facebook, Blogging, and Twitter.

Bookout’s advice was that if we know social media, we will be ahead of the person hiring us.  She also left us with some people to follow on Twitter, and follow their blogs.  She was great and really was knowledgeable of this topic.  I really enjoyed her coming to speak with us.

She-conomy official website.


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