She is the Market.

Our class was honored to have the account services supervisor form Holland & Holland Advertising, Brittiny Bookout, come and advise on marketing to women she-conomy style.  She informed us that 85 percent of brand purchases are made by women, which shows that women are the market.

The purchase process that Brittiny laid out for us is:

  • The kick-off
  • Research
  • The Purchase
  • Ownership
  • Word-of-Mouth

The fact is that women do almost all of these steps with help from the male to purchase an item.  To make ensure that women will follow through with the purchase process a company needs to attend to her needs by following these few steps below.

Distinguish he from him.

The fact is that men buy and women shop.  Brittiny emphasized that women need to connect when making a purchase, while men use the internet to make transactions.

Know her.

She then let us know how important it is to know a woman’s life stage. Traditional demographics are dead.  Not all women are moms and that is important to recognize.

Understand her.

Brittiny told us how women notice details, and they place heavy importance on relationships.  It is important to understand that women are known for staying with brands that they have had positive experiences with.

Reach her.

Brittiny told us that customer service is the new sales.  Authenticity and transparency are key when trying to sell a product to women.  Our day in age has moved from monologue to dialogue which is important to play off of when connecting with a client.

Social Network.

Advice and online community are key, because a lot of women depend on the internet to stay connected if the do not have time for traditional media.  Women will go to blogs to get information, so it is important for companies to use blogs to respond to women and provide a community for them.

To visit the she-conomy blog click here.





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