Marketing to Women and the Purchase Process

Brittniy Bookout from Holland and Holland came and spoke to our public relations class about marketing to women. Brittiny graduated from Auburn with a degree in corporate journalism. She went to work for a marketing company in Huston. She then came back and went to graduate school before taking a job at Holland and Holland. Brittiny did a great job explaining to us how Holland and Holland is one of the few agencies that markets to women. On things I found interesting was the 5 steps to the  purchase process.

1. Kickoff- This is the step in which women get an idea about buying a product

2. Research- Women spend lots of time reading and researching this product through blogs and social media and the internet.

3. Purchase- The women go and purchase the product they have researched. 85%of women purchase the products their families use.

4. Ownership- The women then use the product and see how they like it.

5. Word of Mouth- This is the most important step this is where the women discuss whether they enjoyed the product or not. They spread the word by talking, bloogging, and tweeting about it.

6.Kickoff- The process then repeats itself again.

Here is the link to their website


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